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The Other 50%

on 2013-10-23 by raylu

We spotted a salvaging Algos cleaning up after a solo site-runner in a C3. He lived in a C2 with a C3 static and we came in from one of the other three wormholes. I mean, I guess that's what you should expect from a self-named salvaging Algos with no drones. Anyway, he died and we chatted.

kyoki Tsutola > hey bro can i ask for the amount worth of half the cargo, you guys gett a pretty good prize
raylu C > what can you pay us?
kyoki Tsutola > well just use the estimated price and sendd me half and sell the loot
raylu C > yes... but what do we get?
kyoki Tsutola > u get the other 50 %


raylu C > i don't... understand why i would do that
kyoki Tsutola > im trying to plex my account im 40 mil away from it and my subscription runs out tomorrow
raylu C > even if i believed you, i still don't see why i would do that
kyoki Tsutola > whatever man i wasnt asking for much just enough to plex my account
raylu C > do you have any assets?
kyoki Tsutola > yes but thats just my tengu and i need that to make money
kyoki Tsutola > i have to plex my account every month cuz im in high school and no job yet

A Tengu, you say?

raylu C > i'm somewhat sad about these scourge heavy missiles on your tengu
kyoki Tsutola > what do u mean
kyoki Tsutola > and how did u know

Look, even if you don't write your own killboard, you should probably know that they exist.

raylu C > your tengu should use faction or t2 ammo. and i looked it up on a killboard
kyoki Tsutola > nah , not for sleepers , t1 best for it , cheap and effective

Also, don't do this to your poor Proteus...